Patented Technology

Aqua Membranes Intellectual Property (IP) strategy is founded on the first basic printed spacer patents with specific designs and patterns which exhibit superior performance.  In addition, patents have been filed on pattern design requirement to enable performance of spiral wound elements.  Aqua Membrane has also developed many proprietary methods that are critical to adhesion and performance of the printed polymer.   Many new patents are issued/pending to extend coverage beyond the first two patents.

Patent / Patent Pending List:

  • Exclusively licensed patent – US 6,632,357
  • Aqua Membranes patent Filtration Membrane and Method for Making Same, US 7,311,831
  • Improved Spiral Wound Element Construction,  PCT/US14/18813
  • PCT filed, Graded Spacers.  Allows fabrication of a new class of high recovery filter elements.
  • PCT filed, Permeate Flow Patterns, PCT US17/52116
  • PCT filed, Interference Patterns & Non-Nesting Patterns, US17/62424
  • PCT, Mixing Promoting Patterns
  • Other pending applications and license agreements

Please contact Aqua Membranes for any specific questions on our IP.