Increase Output

Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane filtration with its unique and patented 3D spacer technology that dramatically improves the efficiency of spiral wound membranes, minimizes fouling potential and reduces long-term operational costs.

Unlike traditional membrane spacers that trap particles and biofilm within the spacer mesh, thereby obstructing flow, our innovative 3D spacers printed directly on the membrane surface can be optimized for maximum flux and fluid flow through the membrane element, minimizing the entrapment of particulates while enabling up to twice as much membrane surface within a spiral-wound module.

Spiral-Wound Element with Conventional Feed Spacer

Spiral-Wound Element with Aqua Membranes 3D Printed Spacer Technology

In an industry where membrane filtration has become commoditized and very little innovation has been introduced in the past 40 years, Aqua Membranes has developed a technology that can be optimized for more flow, lower fouling, or lower overall system cost, or combinations thereof.

As the field and lab data below demonstrate, spiral-wound RO elements with printed spacers produce more flow at the same operating conditions without increasing the diameter or length of the element.  This has been proven time and time again by external partners whose data is confidential.  Pressure drops are slightly higher with very thin spacers, but tests have not shown any decrease in membrane rejection or separation. And since the spacer material can be printed at any height, the pressure drop and other characteristics can be optimized for every application.

Increased permeate production from dimensionally equivalent spiral elements delivers many benefits to both water treatment companies and their customers.

  • For many residential home RO (HRO) systems this flow increase enables the elimination of the storage tank which saves space and cost
  • Elimination of the stagnant water in the home RO storage tank is critical for health-conscious customers in India and China, the fastest growth markets for HRO
  • Printed spacers enable product differentiation for RO manufactures in a very competitive and price driven market
  • In the Food Service commercial water treatment market, increased flow allows system expansion without new hardware or installation
  • Printed spacers can also be applied to the back (permeate) side of the membrane with an increasing height moving away from the center tube, reducing permeate back-pressure on longer membrane leaves

Aqua Membranes Field Test Data