For the last 40 years, membrane filtration has become the leading method of treating water and wastewater streams across a multitude of municipal and industrial applications. From seawater desalination to industrial effluent treatment, to fruit juice concentration, reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration(UF) spiral-wound membrane elements have proven to be effective means of supplying potable water needs and concentrating process solutions.

Despite all of the advancements to increase membrane flux capacities and element productivity, there have been few solutions to address the most critical needs of membrane manufacturers and system operators: how to reduce costs while minimizing membrane fouling that results in decreased output and expensive maintenance

Founded in 2011, Aqua Membranes is revolutionizing membrane filtration with its unique and patented 3D spacer technology that dramatically improves the efficiency of spiral wound membranes, minimizes fouling potential and reduces capital and operational costs.

Unlike traditional membrane spacers that trap particles and biofilm within the spacer mesh thereby obstructing flow, our innovative 3D-printed spacers can optimize flow patterns and turbulence through the membrane element, minimizing the entrapment of particulates and organic fouling.  This optimization leads to better cleaning and longer element life.

Because the spacer is printed directly on the membrane surface the spacer has a less constrictive geometry than a conventional mesh spacer material.  With less constriction, printed spacers require less gap to achieve the same flow and rejection as standard mesh.  This reduced gap enables 30% to 100% more membrane area in the same element diameter.  For example, Aqua Membranes technology enables the introduction of a 600 square foot standard 8040 spiral element.

Our unique technology is perfect for spiral-wound membrane manufacturers eager to improve their product performance and whose customers demand more durable, low maintenance elements that can withstand challenging feed streams.

Contact Aqua Membranes today to find out how to utilize our patented 3D printed spacer technology to enhance your spiral-wound membrane product line.